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Lake Oswego, Oregon

Lake Oswego, Oregon, is an upscale community nine miles south of Portland that has the picturesque lake at its center, and, as residents like to point out, offers “peaceful, laid-back living.” It is a setting that stands midway between Mount Hood and the beaches of the Pacific, putting either ski slopes or ocean less than 2 hours away. And of course there is Portland close by with its shops and restaurants and cultural attractions, and its enterprising business community where everyone seems to know everyone else even if they’ve just arrived. 

The majority of Lake Oswego’s just over 39,000 residents, however, are content to stay put whenever they can and enjoy the community’s pleasures. And who can blame them? There’s golf and tennis and fishing and boating, and rustic-chic residences to call home that are right out of Architectural Digest. But what Oswego folk seem to covet most is the sense of community they get from sharing special events and activities like those below: 

  • The Christmas Tree Lighting 
  • Star Spangled July 4thParade and Celebration
  • Summer Outdoor Concerts
  • Movies in the Park
  • Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance
  • Sarah Bellum’s Bakery & Convalescent Workshop 
  • Local Winery Tastings and Picnics
  • Library Readings and Author Book Signings
  • First Tuesday Music Series
  • Second Wednesday Performing Arts Series
  • Lake Oswego Farmers Market
  • Neighborhood block parties where the Police and Fire Departments give rides in their vehicles and pass out souvenirs 

It’s a community that comes together to share the good life, and a significant part of that life revolves around its schools. The Lake Oswego School District says that it is “where challenging academics and high expectations combine with extensive extra-curricular opportunities to prepare our students for the best colleges and beyond.” The District consists of 10 primary and secondary schools that are home to just over 7,000 students and 700 staff members. Lake Oswego is rated by Niche as one of the Best School Districts in America.

There are 5 elementary schools in Lake Oswego, virtually one for each neighborhood, with Oak Creek ranked by Niche as the #1 Best Elementary School of the 717 in the state.

Lake Oswego Senior High School was ranked as a top school by Niche as well. A recent graduate had this to say about his alma mater, his comments also an overview of the community:

“Academically excellent. I was extremely prepared for my freshman year of college. There’s a reason it’s considered the best high school in Oregon (performance-wise). Teachers are insightful, well qualified, and want you to succeed. The culture can be tough sometimes. It’s a competitive school in a wealthy and aspirational community, and as such, the culture has very high expectations for almost every facet of life. Many students are very gifted and broadly talented. Lake Oswego High is not for the faint of heart. The workload is tough and the culture can be frustrating at times. However, anyone who attends will emerge a much better person for it, and a very resilient one.”

So that’s the other side of “peaceful, laid-back living.” One has to work for it. But in Lake Oswego, the tools appear to be there.

The median price for a home in Lake Oswego, from figures by Zillow, is $646,000. However, homes on the hills overlooking the lake are likely to be priced noticeably higher. Lake Oswego is historically the most expensive real estate market in Oregon, but it is relatively modest when compared to similar upscale areas in the neighboring state to the south. 

The LCP Group helps foreign families make quality-of-life decisions when considering a move to America – communities like Lake Oswego and cities like Portland are of a quality that we would be pleased to help them explore. We would also be pleased to share our experience in making the most advantageous investment to qualify for the EB-5 visa program.