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Decatur, Georgia

Decatur, Georgia, is a suburb of Atlanta that is rated by Niche as the #1 best place to live in the state. The municipality of 22,022 mostly well-to-do and middle class Georgians is woven with tree-shaded streets fronting attractive homes. It has good schools, good shopping and eating, and is just a five-mile drive or subway ride to downtown Atlanta, where information technology firms and their offshoots have become a major factor in the region’s economic output. 

This means well-paying jobs for IT professionals, and startup opportunities for entrepreneurs pursuing the American dream. In fact, the 2019 State of the Industry Technology Reportpublished by the Technology Association of Georgia, ranks Georgia #10 nationally for overall private sector technology wages and touts that wages were up 2.6% bringing the total to $6.44B in 2018.

In addition to a thriving economy, the Decatur community has a tradition of generosity and helping others. A heartening example is Decatur’s Global Village Project (GVP),a special purpose middle school that immigrants will especially appreciate as it is the only school of its kind in America that is “dedicated to educating refugee girls who have had their education interrupted.” GVP says of its 45 refugee students from 12 African and Asian countries that, “Each and every girl we teach has the potential to not only change her life and that of her family’s, but also her community and even the world.” GVP emphasizes the teaching of STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) that emphasize creativity, communication, and collaboration, perhaps preparing the young women for finding a significant place in the IT realm. 

Creativity is another Decatur attribute, one that is nurtured by its school system and parents of students. The Decatur High School Performing Arts Association (DHSPAA) is a parent volunteer organization that promotes and supports performing arts education through chorus and symphonic band participation, and musical theater classroom and stage work. The DHSPAA mission is to “provide a supportive and enriching experience for students, including opportunities to perform in professional-level productions.” 

In athletics, the Decatur High School Lady Bulldogs soccer team had their best season ever in 2018, losing only once. And the track team also has bragging rights as Decatur’s top runner in 2018 now attends Princeton on an athletic scholarship. 

All of this is not to say that academics play second fiddle to sports and the stage at DHS. The Decatur City School District (the town has two other high schools) was recently the highest performing school district in all of Georgia on the SATs. 

As to residence figures, the median listing price of a home in Decatur, according to Zillow, is $424,900. Home values have dropped 1.3% in 2018, but Zillow expects them to increase 3% in 2019. 

For EB-5 investors to whom the Decatur lifestyle strikes a responsive chord, The LCP Groupwould be pleased to work with them on plans for a new life there, or in nearby Atlanta, or elsewhere in the temperate American South.