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America's Best Suburbs

The Best Suburbs In The United States

America’s suburbs are, by definition, towns within commuting distance of the nation’s cities. Many of those cities are written about in the America’s Growth Cities section of our Blog. The suburbs we’ll be presenting here each have their defining and appealing features, e.g., an attractive downtown area and engaging landscape, perhaps with a beach or harbor, some with ferry service to the city, good schools certainly, and special cultural and recreational amenities (arts and entertainment, golf and tennis, boating). And, of course, the all-important housing market will be addressed.

For EB-5 investors considering a move to America, and who would like to explore the attractions of a suburban lifestyle, a click on any of the suburbs below (which have their state and nearby major city indicated) will take you to its profile.

If one of these towns strikes a responsive chord, we would be pleased to provide more information and give guidance in the permanent residency process for making a move there. An email to will receive a prompt response.