The EB-5 Process

Making an Investment

The EB-5 Project Selection Process begins by reviewing Live in America's current EB-5 Projects with one of our professionals.

Each EB-5 Project is unique with different returns and different risks. The type of investment may be in the form of Senior Debt, Junior Debt, Preferred Equity or Common Equity. The level of projected risks and return will differ depending on which type of investment is chosen.

Most EB-5 Projects will require investments of $500,000 per participant, while some may require investments of $1,000,000. The higher amount might be required for EB-5 Projects that have higher projected returns or greater safety.

The location of the Project does not matter for Immigration purposes. As an EB-5 Participant you can live anywhere in the United States.

Once you have selected an EB-5 Project, Live in America's experts will work with you to complete a Subscription Booklet. We can assist in English or in your native language.

After this, you will wire your funds to the Escrow Bank where the funds are held until your I-526 Visa Application is filed with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and other conditions required by the EB-5 Project's documents are satisfied.

Review LIA’s project offerings

Choose a project

Sign agreement to Invest in a Project

Transfer the fund to the New Commercial Enterprise’s escrow account

File your I-526 Petition with USCIS

The Visa Application Process

Once you have completed your investment you can apply for an EB-5 Visa. Our EB-5 professionals will support you throughout the application process. To obtain a Green Card through the EB-5 Program you must:
  • File an I-526 Petition (petition by alien entrepreneur): This form shows to the USCIS that you have made an investment, how this investment is expected to create 10 jobs and that your funds originate through legitimate and legal sources.
  • Apply for an EB-5 Visa: Once your I-526 petition is approved, you must file form DS-260 seeking to obtain conditional permanent resident status. After certain processing and the acceptance of processing fees, the National Visa Center will send the case to the U.S. consulate in your country of citizenship. If you already live in the US under another type of visa, you will then need to adjust your status with form I-485.
  • Obtain Conditional Permanent Resident Status: With your first entry in the U.S. using your EB-5 visa or the effective date of your EB-5 visa after a I-485 Petition is approved, you will then be able to begin living as a conditional permanent resident in the U.S. for up to two years while your investment is creating or preserving 10 full-time jobs for qualifying U.S. workers.
  • File I-829 Petition: Within the 90-day period immediately preceding the second anniversary of obtaining conditional permanent resident status, you will need to file an I-829 Petition to USCIS to prove that you are qualified to remove the conditions of your permanent resident status.
  • Obtain Permanent Resident Status: Once the I-829 petition is approved, you will be able to live and work in the U.S. with permanent resident status and become eligible to receive your capital contribution back according to the terms of your investment.

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