99 Hudson - LCP Group

99 Hudson, Jersey City, New Jersey

The Project is currently being developed with three primary components: a luxury residential condominium component, a parking garage, and retail space. Upon completion, the Project will succeed the Goldman Sachs Tower as the tallest skyscraper in New Jersey.

  • The Project takes advantage of the property’s close proximity to Manhattan and the greater Tri-State area, walking distance to various corporate offices and transportation hubs, including the Goldman Sachs Tower, the New Jersey rail (PATH) stop at Exchange Place and Paulus Hook Pier, and unrivalled views of the Manhattan skyline.
  • The Project Sponsor, China Overseas America, is owned by China Overseas Holdings Limited, which in turn is owned by China State Construction Engineering Corporation, a subsidiary sponsor of which is providing a full corporate guaranty of the debt of the investment.
  • Construction has started and is well underway.
  • Barnhart Economic Services, LLC (“BES”) used the USCIS approved IMPLAN Model for calculating job creation from the Project. BES estimates that the Project will create approximately 15 jobs per investor.