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Melbourne, Florida

Featured EB-5 Program Investment Project

Live in America EB-5 is most enthused about its investment in the planned Hotel Melby, a Tapestry Collection by Hilton in Melbourne, Florida. We would like to share with interested EB-5 investors what we found especially appealing about the project and Melbourne.

Melbourne, Florida

A Melbourne, Florida beach walk can combine the barefoot pleasures of solitude with the stirring sight of a Cape Canaveral spacecraft rocketing up through the clear azure sky. More walking (or better still, a dune buggy ride) along the ocean shore and the site of the launch, the Kennedy Space Center, begins to come into view. The facility is open for tours that include the realistic “Shuttle Launch Experience” and taking the helm in a space shuttle cockpit. A speedy airboat tour through the surrounding marshes concludes back at the Center where one sits down to lunch with an astronaut.

Another day, another walk, this time to the other side of town, across the Indian River Lagoon to where the 40,000 acre River Lakes Conservation Area gives new meaning to solitude. One can hike the trails and fish the lakes and see barely a soul, the quietude shared with wood storks, bald eagles, river otters, and the occasional alligator. The only sounds of note are seasonal when the migrating birds come south.

As for town itself? Lots to do.

For starters, Melbourne has two 18-hole, tournament-class public golf courses at which Hotel Melby, when the EB-5 project-in-progress has opened, will be pleased to arrange guest games. In addition to the links, the historic city owns and operates 25 tennis courts, 3 pools, 3 community centers, and many other outdoor and indoor amenities for visitors and residents to enjoy.

Melbourne’s King Center for the Performing Arts hosts favorite plays for all ages and virtuoso music concerts. Among featured performers past and coming up are The Beach Boys, Herb Alpert & Lani Hall, Michael Bolton, Gordon Lightfoot, Arlo Guthrie, The Vienna Boys Choir… a continuing procession of notable names.

The Eau Gallie Arts District, fondly called EGAD, hosts a monthly First Friday where galleries, shops and the Foosaner Art Museum stay open late for festivities that include easy access to food, beer and wine. Local artists sell their works on the sidewalks, and, in Eau Gallie Square, Melbourne musicians serenade from the Rotary Band Shell.

India Fest has become an annual Melbourne tradition, a sharing of India’s culture by the Indian community that has settled in Brevard County. Each year the festival has a new look, highlighting a unique aspect of India’s history and traditions. The town consensus is that “the Festival gets bigger and better year after year.”

Also getting bigger and better every year is the local job market. Melbourne is at the epicenter of what has become known as the Space Coast, the region around the Kennedy Space Center where aerospace companies like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin have expanded operations that consistently create more high-paying high-tech jobs. When combined with the region’s robust tourist and hospitality trade, this has the effect of twin booster rockets powering the local economy. Sometimes as many as 100,000 people show up to watch a space shot.

In addition to year ‘round golf and tennis and the pleasure of not having to pay personal state income tax, Melbourne has what most would consider a compatible cost of living. The median price of a home in this engaging seaside city of just over 82,000 people is $184,300.

For foreign-born business or technology professionals looking to move to the United States, Live In America EB-5founder Robert Roskind emphasizes that an EB-5 investment is the process that will most likely and most quickly result in green cards for those professionals and their families. Robert points out that, “Live In AmericaEB-5 is one of the only EB-5 advisors with the actual real estate investment experience to determine the EB-5 projects that are most likely to meet the objectives of the emigrating executive or technician or entrepreneur.”

If you have questions about how to proceed with the EB-5 process, or would like more information about Melbourne and its buoyant job market and way of life, email us today for a quick response: