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America’s Best Undergraduate Pre-Law Colleges

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One of the more logical and promising career paths a bright young arrival from a foreign land can choose to pursue in America is international law. There’s the advantage they have of speaking a foreign language like a native, and of having family connections overseas that can be networked. Put these advantages together with a law degree from a top school, a school that would readily appreciate the student’s international potential, and the die would be cast for an exceptionally rewarding life in the United States – a life that Live in America EB-5 will be pleased to help make happen.

While there is no such thing as an actual pre-law major that college undergraduates can pursue to get themselves into a top law school, there are other ways to bring that about, starting with choosing a BA or BS major that lends itself to law school curricula, and then doing outstanding work in the courses.

The key word here is “top,” as in Top 14, the magical fourteen top law schools in America that have kept that status without a single new contender since U.S. News & World Report started publishing law school rankings 30 years ago. Why 14? Because only these top fourteen schools have ever placed within the top ten in the national rankings.

The Top 14’s dominance has for all intents evolved into a self-fulfilling prophecy, where students aspire to be identified with these top institutions, where the best professors want to teach, and where law firms and Fortune 500 corporations choose to do their recruiting – three factors that essentially ensure that the Top 14 club will perpetuate itself for generations to come.

Logic would dictate that the best pre-law colleges (though not officially designated as such) would be those with a Top 14 law school on campus for undergraduates to access, to get into the realm of the real thing and see if law is truly a career they want to pursue. And if so, to go for it with one of the best schools after having gotten a first-rate liberal arts education at its parent university.

In short, the best undergraduate pre-law colleges are the ones with prominent law schools in them.

The Top 14 law schools are listed below, their names in alphabetical order. Live In America EB-5 has gathered information on each school, including tuition and financial aid data, plus pertinent background and campus information, all of which can be read by clicking on its name.