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America’s Best Hospitality & Tourism Management Schools

Live In America EB-5: America's Best Hospitality & Tourism Management Schools

Nearly everyone travels these days, most at some point needing hotel accommodations, preferably with first-rate staff and management on hand to respond to guests’ needs – or, better still, anticipate them. These hospitality professionals are a special breed, having realized early-on that being part of a first-rate hospitality organization was to be their calling, learning the basics by doing entry level jobs in the kitchen or dining room, or helping with maintenance, and then getting themselves into a hospitality and tourism school where they could develop the service and communication skills they had a special knack for. They would become proficient at, or have a working knowledge of, whatever tasks it takes to make a quality hotel function at its best.

The city or region in which a future hospitality executive or manager pursues his or her education can be a significant factor in their pending career. Live In America EB-5 has taken this into consideration in preparing a series of articles on American Hospitality and Tourism Management Schools. Links to the articles can be read by clicking on a specific college and its hotel school below.