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Professional Considerations

Foreign-Trained Lawyers Moving to America

EB-5 Program Professional Considerations: Foreign Attorneys Moving To America

For a foreign-trained lawyer wishing to transfer his or her profession to the United States, the overriding consideration is quite straightforward: In what state do I want to live and establish my practice? Because whether a lawyer is foreign or American, they will be permitted to practice only in the state in which they pass the bar exam.

Unfortunately, to sit for a bar exam in the U.S. can be a trying process for the foreign-trained lawyer. A J.D. degree from a U.S. law school is required in most states. But not all. New York, California and Virginia are among the few that allow foreign law school graduates to sit for the exam without any further law school study. Those graduates, however, must first have their foreign degrees vetted by the American Bar Association, often a lengthy process. But, if the vetting results in acceptance, the foreign lawyer can then proceed with preparation for the exam, which is taken over a period of two to three days, depending on the jurisdiction the lawyer has chosen.

Jurisdiction is, of course, also central to the matter of lifestyle, a subject that may well have been the motivating factor from the outset for a foreign-trained lawyer’s desire to relocate to America.

To aid in planning that relocation, our company, Live In America EB-5,offers a personalized service that utilizes our extensive research facilities to help the foreign-trained lawyer strike a balance between what is best for his or her practice, including business and economic factors in the new destination, and what can enhance their personal life – what fits their cultural and recreational interests, the residential real estate picture for home consideration, an evaluation of area schools and what unique educational opportunities are available to families who may have special qualifications, and other lifestyle considerations.

Our president, Adam Greene and his colleagues at are here to share their insights and answer questions regarding the chosen destination, to help the transitioning lawyer maximize his or her enjoyment of the new life they are about to make happen.