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Washington, DC: Top EB-5 Program Growth City

In the hyper-active Washington, D.C. tech scene, Live In America EB-5, with its portfolio of EB-5 qualified properties and its immigration know-how, is positioned to provide Indian-born technology professionals who wish to move to the United States with personalized advice on employment, relocation opportunities and quality of life. One of our key services is to guide foreign-born IT experts to specific U.S. tech markets and entrepreneurs who are in need of the skills and connections the newcomers possess.

The world’s image of Washington has long been that it’s a one-industry town, that industry of course being the U.S. Government. But to communicate within itself and to the rest of the world, the government has spawned another industry that is equally as large, if not larger. Information Technology. The IT industry is a spinoff that Indian entrepreneurs have embraced to the point where they have made the Dulles Corridor that runs between Virginia’s Loudoun and Fairfax counties a virtual South-Asian Silicon Valley. It’s a compelling draw for job-seeking technology professionals from India.

The IT business is booming again after the dot-com implosion, inspiring many of those Indian professionals drawn to Northern Virginia to start companies of their own. There’s a sizeable population of fellow immigrants – investors, developers, consultants – with whom they can network. Loudon and Fairfax counties rank as two of the richest counties in the United States.

As to quality of life, Loudoun and Fairfax are ranked by tech analysis firm SmartAsset as the two happiest counties in America. And understandably so. Along with Northern Virginia’s robust business climate, there’s an abundance of outdoor activities that make for peaceful living, including Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic water sports, Blue Ridge Mountain and Shenandoah Valley hiking and biking, and of course, traditional Southern hospitality.

Virginia’s public school system is one of America’s best. The University of Virginia is among the country’s top colleges, a state school with tuition of $16,000 for Virginia residents. The median cost of a house in Fairfax County is $515,000, compared to $2.3 million for a similar home in Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto.

Fairfax and Loudoun counties combine for more than half of Virginia’s South-Asian population, with close to 70,000 Indian residents between them. Both counties are a modest commute to downtown Washington, by car or Metrorail.

The LCP Group, L.P., the parent company of Live In America EB-5, believes so much in Fairfax County that it recently invested in and acquired the Marriott Fairfax at the Fair Oaks Mall, a 316-room and suite property. The hotel will be repositioned to better capitalize on the numerous growing business opportunities that create hospitality demand in the market.

For those in India who are considering making the move to America, and are investigating the EB-5 process to make it happen as quickly as possible, Live In America EB-5 founder Robert Roskind offers this to consider: “We believe strongly in the capabilities of our organization. Most importantly, we believe that Live In America EB-5 is the most qualified EB-5 advisor, because it possesses the requisite real estate investment experience to best determine the EB-5 projects that are most likely and most quickly to result in job creation and the preservation of investment capital. We are proud to point to our EB-5 project located at 4th & L in Washington, D.C., which just successfully did that very thing.”

The EB-5 process can at first appear complex, but it needn’t be. If you have questions about how to proceed, or have other business or residential areas you would like us to explore for you, please contact us to request a consultation. You may fill out the form below, or email us at: