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Technology Fuels Job Growth

Texas: Top EB-5 Program Growth State

The Texas technology industry employs an estimated 5.1% of the Lone Star State’s workforce. More than 11,000 new IT jobs were added last year. The trade association Comp TIA says that Texas, with an estimated 593,000 IT workers, ranks No. 2 among the 50 states for technology employment, second only to California. In Austin, the state capitol, the average salary for an IT manager is $119, 700.

Live In America EB-5 has every reason to believe that the IT industry’s robust growth in Texas will continue. With our immigration know-how and portfolio of EB-5 qualified properties, we are positioned to aid foreign-born technology professionals and entrepreneurs with personalized information regarding employment, relocation and venture capital opportunities.

Everyone knows about Dallas-based Texas Instruments, the $16 billion company that was formed in 1951 and went on to become a technology legend. It now employs over 29,000 people with a wide variety of skills, and ranks as one of the most successful early investment plays ever. Today in Texas there are technology start-ups launched almost weekly, if not daily, that could become the next TI.

Austin is currently the most prolific of the Texas venture capital cities. In the first three quarters of 2017, according to National Venture Capital Association data, that city led the Texas pack with $976 million raised. Dallas was second with $309 million, with Houston third at $154 million.

Emigrating technology entrepreneurs should take note of the University of Texas’ Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs, located in Austin, that has a history of churning out startups that get funding and second-round financing. To date, 42% of the startups that have gone through the program have received a collective $420 million.

University life in Austin blends nicely with technology. IT majors are ever eager for part-time work with local technology companies, the companies eager to tap the students’ ever-growing store of IT knowledge and collection of skills. It’s a hands-on experience that’s a win-win, a path to a career that can keep growing to the benefit of employee and employer long after graduation.

Housing in Texas is nowhere near what it costs to live in Silicon Valley. The median price of a house in Austin is $379,000. In Dallas it’s $175,000 and in Houston $261,000. The average price for a home in the Silicon Valley community of Palo Alto is $2.3 million.

For leisure time, Texas has untold miles of rolling prairie and pristine desert, to explore by motorcycle or tail-bike, or to enjoy on horseback. There’s big-time fishing to be had in the Gulf of Mexico and world-class birding at Padre Island National Seashore. Hang-gliding can be done year ‘round in the mountains outside of El Paso.

The University of Texas at Austin, where in-state tuition is $10,070, has 7 museums and 14 libraries. It has the Bill and Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex and the Dell Computer Science Hall for students to do research and visitors to tour. And of course the school has sports. The Texas Longhorns have won 4 NCAA Division 1 National Football Championships, 6 National Baseball Championships, and have claimed more men’s and women’s sports titles than any other school in the Big 12.

For technology professionals looking to move to America, with Texas in the running for location of choice, Live In America EB-5 founder Robert Roskind again emphasizes that an EB-5 investment is the process that will most likely and most quickly result in green cards for that professional and his family. “Our confidence in the vibrant and growing Texas economy,” Robert points out, “was confirmed with our investment in the Houston campus of the British Schools of America. Live In America EB-5 is the only EB-5 advisor with the real estate investment experience to determine the EB-5 projects that are most likely to fulfill the goals and dreams of the emigrating IT professional.”

If you have questions about how to proceed with the EB-5 process, or have other business or residential areas you would like us to explore for you, an email to Robert or to our President, Adam Greene at will bring a prompt response. Both can be reached at