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Seattle, WA: Top EB-5 Program Growth City

The Pacific Northwest should be a prime consideration for the emigrating family that shares a fondness for the great outdoors, especially if technology plays a role in their lives. Seattle, Washington, with its access to the water sports of Puget Sound and ambience of big-pine forests, is in the unlikely position of having to search for technology talent. The Washington Technology Industry Association tells us that more than 25,000 technology jobs in Washington State have gone unfilled for at least six months.

And no wonder, given the demand from tech giants like Microsoft in nearby Redmond. Add to that other tech-intensive companies in the area like Boeing and Amazon, and you’ve got a jumping job market. A survey shows that the current average salary for software engineers in Seattle is $118,000, which is 13% above the national average.

At heart, Seattle is a culture of startups, a haven for entrepreneurs looking to leverage the opportunities available in a technology-intensive community. A report published by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities found that supporting homegrown startups and fast-growing companies is a more effective strategy for creating jobs than tax cuts and company recruitment efforts.

Live In America EB-5, with its immigration know-how and portfolio of EB-5 visa investment opportunities, is positioned to aid foreign-born technology professionals with personalized information on employment, relocation and that all-important quality of life in and around Seattle. One of our key services is to guide IT experts to specific Seattle tech companies and entrepreneurs who are in need of the skills and connections the newcomers bring with them.

A key element of quality of life, of course, is housing, which in Seattle can be pricey. The real estate section of The Seattle Times puts the current median price of a home there at $757,000, a figure that may relate to the problem of filling those technology jobs.

Schooling in Seattle gets high marks, based on research and interviews conducted by Niche, with the Belleview and Mercer Island elementary and high school districts scoring best. For artists and musicians, Seattle has an exceptionally wide selection of specialized colleges and schools for the arts. For traditional college diplomas, the flagship of the state’s six public universities is the University of Washington, a public research university whose campus in downtown Seattle is described by Travel & Leisure as being one of the most beautiful in America. In-state tuition for UW is $10,074. For out-of-state students it’s $35,538. The UW Huskies football team, which competes in the Pac-12 Conference, has played in 14 Rose Bowls, winning 7. School mascot is Harry the Husky.

For the outdoor sports lover, the choices don’t get much better than around Seattle. There’s salmon and steelhead fishing on Puget Sound and the rivers flowing into it, there’s skiing in the Cascades and hiking on snow-capped Mt. Rainier, its 14,000 ft peak easily seen from downtown’s iconic Space Needle. Mt. Baker Ski Area in the northern part of the state has the highest average annual snowfall of any resort in the world – 53 feet. The average annual snowfall in Seattle itself is a manageable 6 inches.  

As to cultural highlights, Seattle has a reputation for being cutting-edge. The Seattle Art Museum, known locally and in the trade as SAM, has a 25,000 piece permanent collection that includes modern works that can stir controversy, among them a coffin in the shape of a Mercedes Benz. SAM is known for having returned to its rightful owner a Matisse Odalisque painting that had been looted by the Nazis. The popular Seattle Symphony, in addition to its classical repertoire, has a tradition of performing movie soundtracks. John Williams recently conducted the orchestra in a program featuring his scores for Star Wars and Jaws. Seattle nurtured the early careers of Ray Charles and Quincy Jones, and, let the cradle rock, is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix.

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