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Orlando, FL: Top EB-5 Program Growth City

Orlando, Florida is adding more than 1,000 jobs a week across a broad base of industries. Data released by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity shows that the professional and business services sector, which includes legal, accounting, and computer systems design & management had the largest net gain, with 13,200 new jobs added last year. As of January, 2017, Orlando held the #1 spot as the fastest growing job market in America, having created 54,600 total jobs over the prior 12 months.

Could it be the weather? The year ‘round golf and swimming? Disney World? Lake Kissimmee? The pleasure of not having to pay personal state income tax?

In the outlying resort community of Winter Park, where the living is as nice as anywhere in Florida and the schools and restaurants are top-rated, the median price of homes sold last year was $388,700. Online realtor Zillow.com expects that figure to rise as briskly as the Orlando job market itself.

For foreign-born business professionals looking to move to the United States, Live In America founder Robert Roskind emphasizes that an EB-5 investment is the process that will most likely and most quickly result in green cards for those professionals and their families. Robert points out that, “Live In America is one of the only EB-5 advisors with the actual real estate investment experience to determine the EB-5 projects that are most likely to meet the objectives of the emigrating executive or technician or entrepreneur.”

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