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New York City, NY: Top EB-5 Program Growth City

The Statue of Liberty stands proudly in New York Harbor as the symbol of freedom and opportunity for the millions of immigrants who arrived in America with little but their dreams. Many of them never saw the need to go any further than the great city itself. There was something about that skyline, the energy of the bustling streets when they got off the ferry from being processed at Ellis Island, that said, This is it, you can make it here.

Live In America EB-5 couldn’t agree more. We welcome any chance to help those seeking to emigrate to this opportunity mecca.

For past generations of New Yorkers it was the garment business and manufacturing industries that put food on the table. Today it’s technology and communications, and the financial markets that trade the stocks of the movers and shakers who put capital into those businesses.

And this generates a new generation of jobs, for the IT and communications professionals themselves, and for the lawyers and accountants and investment bankers who put the deals together that keep those businesses growing. Add to that the retailing, entertainment and service businesses that those people and their families patronize, along with their eight-million New York neighbors, and you’ve got an economy that never sleeps.

The average salary for a principal technology professional in New York, from figures provided by, is $173,000, which is 28% higher than the national average. An investment banker at Merrill Lynch makes $290,000, but if he or she brings in a lucrative deal, that figure can double or triple. It’s the lawyers, however, who make the genuinely large numbers. At a top New York law firm, a mid-level partner’s yearly pay averages $3-4 million.

Hence the eye-popping housing prices in Manhattan’s upscale neighborhoods. The median price for a two-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side is $975,000. Add another $2,000 a month for maintenance. The median price for a townhouse in the same neighborhood is $9.78 million. In Brooklyn, however, the prices drop dramatically. Zillow lists the median price for a house in that borough at $769,000. In suburban Westchester it’s $558,000, and for Long Island’s Nassau County it’s $512,000. In neighboring New Jersey the price drops even lower to $460,000.

New York’s cultural and entertainment attractions are practically limitless. There’s something new and compelling written up in The New York Times every day – a show of never-before-seen Caravaggios at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the opening of at least two or three Broadway or Off-Broadway shows, a summer evening concert by the Philharmonic in Central Park… And of course there are New York’s schools for the arts that feed talent into the city’s cultural bounty. For cultural and arts education, few places, if any, have a more diverse selection of schools than New York City, whether it’s music, drama, fashion, architecture, classic painting or the latest in digital imaging. To learn more about the information Live In America EB-5 has on this topic, visit:

Five of the Best Schools for the Arts

Schools are usually one of the first things a family moving to a new city or country wants to know about. When it comes to New York City schools, specifically the high schools, there’s good news.

The best ones are free.

They’re called Specialized High Schools, nine elite public secondary schools located throughout the city, each with an emphasis on teaching a particular discipline – science, technology, the classics, the arts – at the highest level, preparing students for when they apply to the best colleges.

Live In America EB-5 has information on each of these Specialized High Schools, how it functions, its unique attributes, and what is required in the way of entrance procedure and qualifying exams. To learn more, Visit:

New York’s 9 Specialized High Schools

We also have available to share with EB-5 investors our evaluations of the best public school districts in New York City’s suburbs, specifically those in:

Westchester County

Northern New Jersey

Long Island

Southern Connecticut

Meantime, if you have any questions about how to proceed with the EB-5 process, or would like more information about New York and its job or entrepreneurial opportunities, please send us an email to: