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Detroit, MI: Top EB-5 Program Growth Cities

Yes, it looks like Detroit is turning itself around. The Motor City had long been the poster city for urban blight. Everyone had seen the depressing slum pictures and read the unemployment statistics. But Metro Detroit is now revitalized as one of the fastest-growing centers for information technology and computer research in the United States.

The Michigan technology sector, according to Forbes, accounted for an estimated 6.6%, or $30.7 billion, of the state’s economy last year, and added 10,700 jobs. Metro Detroit is home to roughly one-third of the state’s 11,223 tech businesses. Nationally, Detroit is 3rd in the percentage of total employment in the technology industry. says that as of January, 2018, the median IT manager salary in Detroit is $125,200.

A significant vote of confidence is that Microsoft, one of the computer industry’s true giants, is moving its Michigan Microsoft Technology Center from Southfield to One Campus Martius in downtown Detroit. The move is scheduled for spring this year and will bring a windfall of technology jobs with it.

Live In America EB-5 is confident also that technology growth in Detroit will continue. And at a cost far below what a start-up or expansion or relocation would require in Silicon Valley. With our immigration know-how and portfolio of EB-5 qualified properties, Live In America EB-5 is positioned to aid foreign-born technology professionals and entrepreneurs with personalized information regarding employment, relocation and venture capital opportunities in Detroit and other Michigan IT centers.

Emigrating technology entrepreneurs should take note of Michipreneuer, which, to quote its Facebook page, “is an online community built to empower entrepreneurs, encourage investment, strengthen small business, and foster talent in Michigan.”

Housing in Michigan is literally a fraction of what it costs to live in Silicon Valley. The median price of a house in Detroit Metro itself is $144,400. In the picturesque, quiet suburb of Bloomfield Hills, it’s $434,000. In equally attractive Grosse Pointe it’s $319,000. The average price for a home in the Silicon Valley community of Palo Alto is $2.3 million.

The public school systems in Bloomfield Hills, Grosse Pointe and nearby Birmingham are among the nation’s finest, as are the area’s private day schools, the Cranbrook Schools and Detroit Country Day ranked 1 & 2 in a survey done by

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Michigan State in East Lansing are two of America’s best-known colleges, due in large part to the success of their football programs. But both have technology programs as well, along with full liberal and fine arts curriculums. Both are public research universities, each having tuition of approximately $15,000 for students living in the state.

Culturally, Detroit has much to offer. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, led by Leonard Slatkin, is ranked among the world’s best. The DSO won a Grammy Award for Best Orchestral Performance. The Detroit Institute of Arts houses one of the most extensive and significant art collections in America. Live theater comes in all forms, from locally produced Shakespeare to big-name rock concerts to touring Broadway shows.

For technology professionals looking to move to America, with Michigan a cost-effective consideration, Live In America EB-5 founder Robert Roskind again emphasizes that an EB-5 investment is the process that will most likely and most quickly result in green cards for that professional and his family. “Our confidence in the vibrant and growing Michigan economy,” Robert says, “was confirmed when our parent company, The  LCP Group, invested in the Marriott Hotel in Livonia, a prime location between Detroit and Ann Arbor. Live In America EB-5 is one of the only EB-5 advisors with the real estate investment experience to determine the EB-5 projects that are most likely to meet the objectives of the emigrating IT professional.”

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