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Denver & Boulder, Colorado

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Denver & Boulder, CO: Top EB-5 Program Growth Cities

If clear mountain air and stunning vistas are lifestyle priorities, combined with a technology career in a vibrant high-country locale, Boulder and Denver Colorado are cities for trained information technology (IT) professionals to investigate if a move to the United States is a near-term plan.

In the burgeoning Colorado Technology community, Live In America EB-5, with its immigration know-how and portfolio of EB-5 visa investment opportunities, is positioned to aid foreign-born technology professionals with personalized information on employment, relocation and that all-important quality of life. One of our key services is to guide IT experts to specific Colorado tech companies and entrepreneurs who are in need of the skills and connections the newcomers bring with them.

When people around the world think of Colorado, they think world-class skiing and rock-climbing and Denver Bronco football games.  But the past two or three decades have seen tremendous changes in the Rocky Mountain State. Those skiers on the slopes outside of Boulder and Denver are likely to include software programmers, tech engineers and venture capitalists. One can picture the latter riding the gondola lift and talking shop with the tech people, trying to get the latest on the new projects they’re developing.

Those same tech people, according to salary reports gathered by, made an average yearly wage of $101,000 in 2017 and paid median rent of $1,445 for a one-bedroom apartment in Boulder. For the ones who buy a home there, the median price is $660,000, as posted by real estate company The figure drops to $376,000 in Denver, which is slightly above the average for the state. Seventy out of every 1,000 jobs in Boulder are in the technology sector.

As for the venture capital people there, they’ve indeed made their mark. One of the more successful enterprises is Foundry Group, an early-stage venture firm that closed its sixth fund with investment capital of $500 million. Among Foundry’s notable investments was Gnip, a social data start-up that sold to Twitter for $134 million after raising just $7 million from investors.

Some of the tech people no doubt teach courses at the University of Colorado Boulder, or have family enrolled there. It is a public research university with a tuition of $12, 000 for in-state students. Twelve Nobel Laureates, nine MacArthur Fellows and 20 astronauts have been associated with CU Boulder as either students or researchers or faculty members. The Colorado Buffalos have won 20 NCAA Pac 12 skiing championships and one in football. The school motto is Let Your Light Shine.

For technology professionals who are considering making the move to America, with Colorado a strong contender for their location of choice, Live In America EB-5 founder Robert Roskind emphasizes that an EB-5 investment is the process that can provide green cards for that professional and his family. “Evidence of our confidence in Colorado’s vibrant, growing economy is our investment in the EB-5 qualified Hampton Inn at the Denver International Airport, a property that is owned by our parent company, The LCP Group. Live In America EB-5 is one of the only EB-5 advisors in the industry with the real estate investment experience to offer quality EB-5 projects that are most likely to result in the issuance of a green card and return of capital.”

The EB-5 process is worth whatever investigating and follow-up it takes to accomplish. If you have questions about how to proceed, or have other business or residential areas you would like us to explore for you, please contact us at our website, or by emailing us at: