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In-State vs. Out-of-State College Tuition in America

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For foreign investors relocating to the United States, the education of their children is understandably of primary importance. The three major factors most often considered are quality, location and cost. Regarding the latter as it relates to state-funded colleges and universities, the out-of-state tuition can be substantially higher than that for in-state residents. For example, at the University of California, Santa Barbara, tuition is $12,192 for state residents and $34,213 for out-of-state students. At the University of Texas at Austin the difference is even greater: $9,788 for in-state students and $34,722 for non-residents.

These differences are obviously substantial, but such numbers needn’t totally deter parents from exercising freedom of choice in picking the school that would best suit their college-bound child. There are options available that can help parents save meaningfully on tuition, which Live In America EB-5would be pleased to help you explore. To get in touch with us, send an email to the address below: