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America’s Best Undergraduate Performing Arts Schools

Best Undergraduate Performing Arts Schools

To have a successful career, today’s performing artist must be more than what he or she presents on the stage or screen. Marketing, self-management and an engaging, well-rounded offstage persona are additional components that need to be developed. A college education that combines a performing arts program with liberal arts classes, that lays the groundwork for networking and media relations along with drama, music and dance training, can give the aspiring performing artist a solid foundation on which to build that career. Live In America EB-5 has taken the rankings of five respected evaluators – Backstage, College Rank, Hollywood Reporter,, and Niche – and made a ranking based on the combined rankings of the five evaluators for each of the twenty or more schools and colleges they individually assessed. Each evaluator had its own criteria for making its choices, some of the schools showing up on all five lists. Each of the five, however, gave particular weight to how many of a school’s alumni have risen to the top echelon in their field – actor, singer or dancer, or a combination of the three.

The overall top ten schools from the combined evaluation process are listed below. Something to keep in mind is that the majority of commercial entertainment projects originate and are auditioned for on one of the coasts, in New York or Southern California. Information and background on each listed school, including figures on tuition and financial aid, can be read by clicking on its name.