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America’s Best Undergraduate Pre-Med Colleges

EB-5 Educational Opportunities In America

The long, rigorous road to becoming a physician begins with choosing the right undergraduate college, one that gives the aspiring pre-med student the best chance of getting into the medical school of his or her choice. The process includes evaluating the courses and research facilities of the colleges under consideration, so that when it comes time to fill out that medical school application it reflects four years of the best quality lab work and seminars and hands-on experience. Live In America EB-5 has taken the rankings of five respected evaluators – College Magazine,, College Vine, CollegeXpress, and Niche – and made a ranking based on the combined rankings of the five evaluators for each of the twenty or more schools they individually assessed. Each evaluator had its own criteria for making its choices, some of the schools showing up on all five lists. The one thing they all did was give weight to how many pre-med students in a graduating class actually got into medical school.

The overall top ten schools from the combined evaluation process are listed below (related medical teaching facilities are in parenthesis, as they will presumably be available for certain undergraduate projects). Information and background on each school, including figures on tuition and financial aid, can be read by clicking on its name: