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America’s Best Undergraduate Computer Science Colleges

Live In America EB-5: Best Undergraduate Computer Science Colleges

Along with having the digital skills to navigate today’s increasingly complex computer infrastructure, the person working the keyboard and mouse must have knowledge of the business, financial, political and cultural happenings that are influencing the information he or she is working with, A rounded liberal arts curriculum that complements a science major’s technical electives is an essential factor in this regard. Live In America EB-5 has taken the rankings of four respected evaluators – U.S. News & World Report, College Choice,, and Niche – and made a ranking based on the combined rankings of the four evaluators for each of the twenty or more colleges they assessed. Each evaluator had its own criteria for making its choices, some of the schools showing up on all four lists. Each of the four, however, gave particular weight to how many computer science majors in a graduating class had jobs waiting for them based on internships, interviews, and how well their college had prepared them in general.

The overall top ten schools from the combined evaluation process are listed below in order of ranking. Information and background on each school, including figures on tuition and financial aid, can be read by clicking on its name.