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10 States With The Most International Students

EB-5 Program: Top States With Most International Students

The top 10 states in international student population in America are dramatically ahead of the remaining 40. California, New York and Texas stand far ahead of them all.

1) California

2) New York

3) Texas

4) Massachusetts

5) Pennsylvania

6) Illinois

7) Florida

8) Ohio

9) Michigan

10) Washington

The three main reasons why certain parts of the country appeal more than others to international students are population, diversity, and proximity to industry. The latter consideration partly explains the appeal of No. 3 Texas, which is a hub for engineering and technology. Engineering was the most popular field among international students in 2015-2016.

Opportunities for internships and jobs are a big factor for international students when deciding where to study. As are diversity and ethnic considerations: Half of the 1,078,822 international students in the U.S. are from China or India. Financial aid is, of course, an important factor as well, a subject we will be addressing in an upcoming article.

In the past few years, there has been an overall slowdown in the number of international students coming to the United States. Ironically, it was Texas that saw the largest drop in international enrollments, a decline of 12.2 percent for 2016-2017. Factors cited by colleges for the decrease include the increasing cost of higher education, efforts by other countries such as Canada and Germany to attract international students, U.S. visa delays or withdrawals, and an uncertain U.S. social and political climate. One of the ways U.S. colleges are addressing this trend is by enhancing their international student aid programs.