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India Enclave on the Space Coast – Melbourne, Florida

The Indian population in Brevard County, Florida identifies itself most closely with the seaside city of Melbourne, a community of just over 82,000 residents located on what has become known as the Space Coast, a location just down the shoreline from the Kennedy Space Center. Aerospace companies like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin have expanded their operations there, creating well-paying jobs. Tourism employment is strong as well, the stream of visitors attracted by the Space Center and the area’s stretches of ocean beach continuing to grow. As a result, Melbourne is a vibrant, thriving location, one that will be home to Hotel Melby, a Tapestry Collection by Hilton, an EB-5 project-in-progress in which Live In America EB-5 is a participant. As such, the company would like to invite Indian EB-5 investors considering a move to America to consider the Hotel Melby project as their EB-5 investment to facilitate the green card process.

Earlier arrivals from India to Brevard County founded an organization in 1991 called the Indian Association of the Space Coast. The organization’s stated mission is to:

  • Unify the Indian community of Brevard.
  • Provide examples of Indian heritage to our children and the local community.
  • Make new residents of Indian background feel at home.
  • Create opportunities to show our cultural, educational, entertainment and charitable activities.
  • Provide events that can be shared and enjoyed by the entire community of Florida’s Space Coast.

One of those events is Indiafest, an eagerly anticipated annual happening enjoyed by all of Melbourne that is a celebration of India’s cultural enrichment of the area. The Fest features Indian entertainment, food and colorful parading through the streets. But it also has a philanthropic aspect, one that raises money for disaster relief. Indiafest aid has gone to victims of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and man-caused catastrophes like 9-11. There is also the Indiafest Endowment Award, which goes to the Florida Institute of Technology to provide financial assistance to a deserving Brevard County student.

India has a well-deserved reputation for developing technology workers and startup tech companies. The Space Coast has a reputation for utilizing their American counterparts. For Indian entrepreneurs looking to relocate to the United States and be part of that utilization, an EB-5 investment like the Hotel Melby in Melbourne initiates a process that will quickly and efficiently result in green cards for those entrepreneurs and their families.

If you have questions about how to proceed with the EB-5 process, or would like more information about Melbourne and the Space Coast business opportunities to be exploited there, send an email to us at: